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What Are The Characteristics Of Industrial Oxygen Generator?

1. Convenient installation

The equipment has a compact structure and a whole package, which requires little investment and less investment.

2. High quality zeolite molecular sieve.

It has high adsorption capacity, high compressive resistance and long service life.

3. Fail-safe system.

Configure the fault system alarm and automatic start function for the user to ensure the safety of the system.

4. More economical than other oxygen supply methods.

PSA process is a simple method of oxygen production, which USES air as the raw material, energy consumption is only the energy consumed by air compressor, and has the advantages of low running cost, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

5. Integrated design of electromechanical instrument to realize automatic operation.

Imported PLC control fully automatic operation. Oxygen flow pressure purity can be adjusted and continuously displayed, can set pressure, flow, purity alarm and realize remote automatic control and detection measurement, realize real unmanned operation. The advanced control system makes the operation easier, can realize unattended and remote control, and can monitor all kinds of conditions in real time, thus ensuring the purity of gas and the stability of flow.

6. High quality components are the guarantee of stable and reliable operation.

Pneumatic valve, electromagnetic pilot valve and other key parts imported configuration, reliable operation, switching speed, service life is more than one million times, low fault rate and easy maintenance, low maintenance cost.

7. Continuous display of oxygen content and over-limit automatic alarm system.

Monitor oxygen purity online to ensure stable oxygen purity.

8. Advanced loading technology guarantees the service life of the equipment.

Zeolite zeolite is filled with "snowstorm" method, which makes the distribution of molecular sieving uniform without dead Angle, and it is not easy to pulverize. The adsorption tower adopts the multi-stage air distribution device and the balance mode automatic compression device; Moreover, the adsorption performance of zeolite molecular sieve is kept in a tight state, so as to ensure that no fluidization occurs during the adsorption process and effectively prolong the life of zeolite molecular sieve.

9. Unqualified oxygen automatic emptying system.

The low purity oxygen in the initial stage is automatically drained, and the gas is delivered after reaching the target.

10. Ideal purity selection range.

The oxygen purity is easy to adjust, and can be adjusted according to the user's demand between 21% and 93 + 2%.

11. Unique cycle switching process of the system.

Reduced valve wear, extended service life and reduced maintenance costs.

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