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What Are The Common Faults Of Air Dryers?

There are 2 common faults in air dryers

1. adsorption drying tower under dry condition, large exhaust vent valve

Reasons: (1) the valve of the exhaust valve is damaged or the foreign body is stuck at the valve opening.

Loosen the nut on the exhaust valve screw. Note: special anti loosening nut must be used here".

The exhaust electric control valve gets electricity (not deserved electricity) or electric control valve, the valve stem is jammed and the valve mouth is lax.

2. dry tower regeneration state, exhaust valve does not exhaust

Reasons: first, the exhaust valve piston and piston rod fixed dead.

The exhaust valve electric control valve failure caused no power supply, electric control valve or loose wiring, coil loss, circuit breaker, valve block.

The control of air exhaust valve tube (air pipe plug).


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