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What Does The Nitrogen Making Machine Pay Attention To With The First Start Of The Machine?

1. check the air tightness of the gas system of the equipment. Air pressed to 0.8 MPa, between the soap and water in the pipeline with no leakage when the pressure balance view, after 2 hours of PSA nitrogen pressure less than 0.03 MPa (molecular sieve should eliminate the effects of adsorption and temperature change).

2. the power supply for air compressor, dry machine and nitrogen making machine. Check the electrical system of the equipment, the appearance system, the wiring nitrogen making equipment, whether there is loosening and stripping, showing the appearance and electrical control operation is reliable, and have outstanding safety, and the chassis is necessary for reliable grounding.

3. check and open the air buffer tank to purchase the valve of the nitrogen machine, and close the bypass valve to the system for the compressed air.

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