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What Is Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filter is a more commonly used water treatment equipment, as a water treatment desalination system pretreatment can be adsorbed in the pre-filtration can not be removed in the residual chlorine, can effectively guarantee the service life of the latter class, improve the water quality, to prevent pollution, To prevent post-level reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resin and other free residual chlorine poisoning pollution. At the same time also adsorbed from the former leakage of small molecules such as organic matter and other pollutants, odor, colloid and pigment, heavy metal ions have a more obvious adsorption and removal, but also has the role of reducing COD. Can further reduce the RO water SDI value, to ensure that SDI <5, TOC <2.Oppm.

1. Activated carbon adsorption filter cylinder using hydraulic simulation of long-diameter design, and the use of reasonable size, specific surface area greater than 1000 square meters / g of high efficiency activated carbon, so that both the upper effects filter and the next layer of high efficiency adsorption and other functions, Water purification and carbon life.

2. After the treatment of activated carbon adsorption filter water residual chlorine content: ≤ 0.1PPM.

3. On the water body odor, organic matter, colloid, iron and residual chlorine and other outstanding performance;

4. For the reduction of water turbidity, color, clean water quality, reduce the follow-up system (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchange) pollution also has a very good effect.

Application scope

Widely used in food, medicine, electronics, chemicals, industrial wastewater and other industries.

1, to meet the hydraulic system on the filter accuracy requirements, to block a certain amount of impurities into the system;

2, the filter should have sufficient strength, will not be damaged due to pressure;

3, the ability of flow, the pressure loss is small;

4, easy to clean, replace. 

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