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What Is Air Separation Equipment?

Air separation equipment is a gas separation equipment that liquefy, rectify, and eventually separate into oxygen, nitrogen and other useful gases, called air separation equipment. The minimum operating temperature is 77K. Until the end of nineteenth Century, air was still known as "permanent gas". Later, it was found that air can also liquefy at deep low temperature, and oxygen and nitrogen can be separated from liquefied air because of different boiling point of oxygen and nitrogen. The first commercial oxygen machine made in 1903, it was initially used for metal welding and cutting. At the end of the 30s, nitrogen industry needed nitrogen, and the oxygen machine was developed to produce oxygen and nitrogen at the same time, which was called air separation equipment.

Zhejiang Yuanda Air Separation Equipment Co.Ltd. (Ex-company Hangzhou Yuanda Purification Equipment Co.Ltd.) is located beside famous Fuchun River, is specialize in Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) air separation plants and the related compressed air purification solutions from China.

Zhejiang Yuanda Air Separation Equipment Co.Ltd.

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