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What Is The Oxygen Concentration Of Household Oxygen Generators?

From the health point of view, 30% is the best, to reach more than 90% of the concentration is not prepared for normal people, normal people stay at more than 90% concentration for several hours, there will be oxygenosis, such as heart rate, Oxygen concentration of less than 21%, there will be chest tightness, etc., less than 17% will lead directly to the brain hypoxia, to know the brain is the body's most oxygen consumption of the organ (about 20% are fed to the brain) the original study of oxygen risk characteristics Had done a detailed investigation and research, and now just by the memory of the.

Oxygen is generally only 30% of the health of oxygen, generally using oxygen-rich membrane technology.Currently through the medical device production license, can only be used as health care equipment, its principle is the use of oxygen and oxygen molecules in the oxygen-rich membrane penetration rate In order to achieve oxygen from the air to enrich the nitrogen exclusion to obtain the required oxygen - rich. It does not need to add water or add water. Plug in the power can oxygen.

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